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Bad run day W8R3

Thought I might have a bad run today and yes I did. Went to bed too late for the 6.30 alarm call to not feel like the middle of the night. Managed the school run and I do put my running gear on first thing so I am less tempted to head back indoors for another cuppa etc etc. Did a slightly different route and I think I started a little faster than usual so after 16 minutes I just felt like stopping. Some days I have the mental resolve to push myself but not today. I thought that's it, don't beat yourself up about it, it's just not going to happen today. So I stopped for about 3 minutes and then ran for another couple and then decided to just walk through the rest. I consoled myself with the fact that I did run 16 minutes and that in total I had 35 mins exercise, not too bad for a bad day! I think I'll try and get to bed a bit earlier this week!

Oh and last night I signed myself and my 12 year old daughter up for a santa dash. Only 2k but it's all up a very steep hill. Should be fun though.

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We all have bad days, don't worry about it. As you said you ran for 16 mins and were out for 35 so much better than sitting down with a cuppa. Good for you. Good luck with w9 and the Santa Dash - look forward to reading all about it.:-)


Well done on getting out there even though you had doubts before you went, it would be very to easy to decide not to run when you feel you are at a disadvantage before you start! Many of the books and articles on running which now make up my bedtime reading (when I should be sleeping myself!) go on about how enough sleep is key to good runs! LOL!

I have just ordered an elf outfit of Amazon for our own local Santa Dash ! Cant believe that I am even planning on running in company round our town let alone drawing attention to myself by dressing up :-)


Thanks Deryn for your reply, I have found myself reading running mags and books too, they are very inspiring. Will try to go to bed earlier this week - it's something I am not very good at!

When is your Santa Dash? I was hoping a Santa outfit would provide a degree of anonymity and also running with my daughter I will of course have to go slowly purely for her benefit!! (Me thinks it might be the other way round). I think they are a great introduction to social running though. I know quite a few serious runners who do park runs so I don't want to enter for one of those until I can manage 5k in 30 mins.


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