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Week 7 Run 1

It's been a little while since I blogged. Much has changed!

I managed to do week 6 pretty easily - I couldn't believe it when I managed 25 minutes! I was so buzzed about it I spent the whole evening telling everyone I could find! It transpires that pretty much everyone knows someone who's doing C25K - more popular than I imagined. Not really surprising given the amazing success stories.

Anyway, 2 days later I headed out on a rainy afternoon for W7R1 - just a repeat of the previous run really. And I totally couldn't do it. It's the first time out of all the runs over many weeks that I've had to stop half way and walk home. I was so disappointed with myself. The problem was my left calf - I tend to suffer with crampy pains in that leg anyway but usually if I run through the pain and focus in my gait for a minute or two it eases off. But this time it got so bad I felt nauseous. I trudged on for just over a mile and eventually conceded defeat. Gutted.

After that I decided to take a week off for recovery. I got back out there last night and YIPPEE! I did it! I think running in the dark really helps me to pace myself - in the daylight I feel like everyone's watching me and I probably set off too fast, hence the pain. Still I think I'm doing a half decent pace - I cover about 3.5k in 25 minutes. A little way off 5k in 30 minutes but I'm only at the beginning of week 7 at the moment.

I remember back at school the most scary event for me during sports lessons was the 1500 metres. I'd spend sleepless nights dreading the thought of doing it. It was agony and I hated it more than anything in my teenage school world. In real terms that's half of what I can do now! Ha! IN YOUR FACE! horrible discouraging sports teachers (who shall remain nameless of course).

Signing off as one immensely proud little runner.

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Well done, Ange! You realized your calf problem, handled it without issue and kept going!!

This is an amazing program, indeed! Always remember that it is only a tool, though. YOU are providing the commitment and motivation!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



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