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Completed W2R1 yesterday and could feel the difference in the 30 seconds extra running. I felt the first few runs were hard to get into but felt it was a little easier as got on. Again when heard that it was last run i was so happy that i completed it.

Im just worried that not able to keep up the pace as it changes weekly :-( hope so cause Im enjoying it. I know the weather is getting worse but I am trying not to let that phase me

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Trust in Laura - seriously it works - I am (sorry used to be) such a couch potato..When i started i thought no way can this work, i cant run for that long..but i am..week 7.

It builds manageably, The early weeks are good as you do the same run three times, so you gain stamina and strength.

All you got to do is follow Laura and keep running :D

Good luck with run 2


The beginning of every new week is a challenge, but a manageable one. If you can complete a week, you are ready to move forward :) I think much of the challenge is a mental one, believing in yourself is the hardest part, just trust that you can do it!

I just did week 4, run 1 and did what I can only describe as a pathetic shuffle for the last 5 mins, but as long as you can keep going you are doing it and can only improve!!

Good luck, and blog your progress!!


You will be able to do it, trust me! I've just looked back at my blogs and in week 2 (only about 6 weeks ago) I wrote that I couldn't ever believe I would be able to run for more than a couple of minutes. This morning I ran for the full 30 mins for the first time at the beginning of week 9. This programme really works because it gradually builds up your muscles and your mental muscles too! Keep to it and you will get there! (and just feel extra proud for running as we go into winter too - there's a certain smugness that I'm beginning to enjoy as I climb into a hot shower feeling the benefit of all that wonderful weather in our wonderful great outdoors - OK I didn't say the programme would make you more sane . . .!)


The others have given you sound and wonderful advice!! I can only echo what they have already said...have faith in the program and most of all, HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



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