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Week 9 Run 1 done - tired!

Here I am at the beginning of Graduation Week - all feels very surreal. On the one hand I'm still amazed that I can do any form of aerobic exercise for 30 mins without stopping, never mind running. And on the other hand I'm aware that I'm only running just short of 4k in 30 mins currently so I'm not really up to pace yet. And I'm a bit nervous about cutting loose from the podcasts in case I lose momentum. Not sure that the running bug has bitten hard enough yet to force me out of my warm bed on these increasingly dark and cold mornings . . . but 2 more runs with Laura to go first!

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You are doing wonderfully, Vic!! You will be sporting that "Graduate" badge before you know it!! Isn't quite amazing just how quickly we progress through the 9 weeks? :-)

You have no need to worry about your total distance or what you will use for motivation after you have finished W9. I suggest that you combine both of those and solve your worries. Use the goal of completing the full 5K distance as your motivation to continue!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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