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Stepping stone

Went out this morning for my second postgrad run and thought I would give stepping stone a go. Know I am not yet running 5k so was a bit nervous. However, was delighted to find that I could run with the beat quite easily. A real confidence boost. Might now give stamina and speed a go.

Looked at the list of graduates this month. Fantastic to see so many people starting and completing the programme. I keep raving about it to friends and family and one of my daughters is also nearly there. It still amazes me how much better I feel after a run especially on a morning like today - glorious sunshine, sharp frost and stunning countryside. It's good to be alive.

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Well done gaterunner. it is a good pod as teaches you to run properly too. I went onto speed after that-interval running-which again I loved, and then stamina-which I found grueling. I Hurt my left knee somehow, so out of it until better.


Keep on Running! :-)


So sorry to hear about your knee so hope it's better soon. Good to have a warning so I'll stick to speed next and give stepping stone another go before I move on to stamina. Hope you are back running soon.


Hi gaterunner, I graduated just over a month ago and have not yet tried any of the post grad podcasts. I will follow your lead and try stepping stones first ( I will also wait awhile before trying the stamina podcast).

Thanks for the uplifting post!


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