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One more run to go after this - Mixed Emotions

"One more run to go after this" That's what I kept telling myself to day as I completed W9R2.

I still haven't worked out if that's good or bad. You see I've come to the conclusion that I like the structure of the program, the weekly goals, and the big goal at the end, you know the one!

I'm about to graduate in a couple of days, and that feels brilliant, but what I think I'm going to miss is the structure and rapid, demonstrable, improvements that this program has given me. If it wasn't for them, I think I'd have given up weeks ago having driven myself into the floor rather than taking a path steady improvements each week.

I have entered a 5k Santa Dash in at the beginning of December to keep my motivation up, But I think I really need to sit down soon and think about where I go next. I am fearful that without the structure, I will just find excuses not to continue. I don't want that, but I recognise that it is in my nature.

To finish on a positive note, the running part of today's workout was 4.8k so I think that means I was about 200m short of the 5k in 30 mins. Tantalisingly close! A couple of rest days now with graduation on Wednesday in the dark, I may need a sprint finish to hit 5k!

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I graduated recently and I'm trying the 5K+ podcasts. It's still Laura encouraging you and setting goals. Only done stepping stone which was a confidence boost as I managed it comfortably. Unlike you I still have the goal of doing 5k in 30 mins as I am still short of completing the distance so I have that as a goal too. Sure now you have got so far you'll find new goals - you've already set on so Good Luck with the Santa Dash. You know you can do it. Jan

PS. Will watch out for you graduation badge


I know where you are coming from.

In my case, as I wasn't anywhere near running 5k, I just kept going till I was doing that 3 times a week (42 mins at that point!). Then I did parkruns.

A few weeks later I realised I was losing a bit of enthusiasm, I entered a 10k race with about 8 weeks to train for it and downloaded a personalised training plan from Runners world website .

Then I entered entered another - and now i am in trouble as I have entered several already for next year including a half marathon and suddenly realise my life is being planned round runs and events!

I am not competitive in terms of beating others but the joy I am getting out of improving my running is all I need!

Good luck you are doing brilliantly!


You are obviously well and truly hooked now!

I'll need to have a bit of a think, I don't think I want to just keep going further and further as I don't want to eat into family life too much. I've enjoyed the fact that this has been 30 - 40 mins which can be slotted into daily life quite easily. But I'm going to have to set some goals otherwise motivation will eventually wane as I can't hand on heart say that I'm enjoying the running yet. I'm loving the sense of achievement, just not the actual running.


Wishing you the best for your Graduate run! :-) I feared what I would do after Graduation and I wanted to make sure I continued so I wouldn't lose all I had achieved. My husband (smhall) and myself set short and long term goals to keep us on track. We also started entering 5K runs which helped us greatly. The biggest challenge is finding something that will keep you motivated. Plus, you still have this great Community for support!! Wishing you the best! Gayle


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