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What a week!

So proud of myself!

Since graduating last Dec I have just kept trying to fit in 3 x 30 min runs each week without a goal. Then I psyched myself up to try a couple of Parkruns where I picked up a flyer for Run in the Dark. After thinking and thinking about it I finally registered last Sunday and did the 5K race on Wed night! My big fear was being left behind but was far from it. Best bit was when two girls noticed my C25K tshirt and said they had done it too!

All fired up a friend said I had to try a 10k now- yeah right.

But today I had more time than normal and just kept running, trying to last an hour. Got home and discovered I had done 10.2k in 1 hour 3 minutes.

If I can manage it again I might just do that 10K in Jan!!

Two breakthroughs in the one week!

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Sign up for that 10k - you've proved you can do it!!!


That's fantastic - keep going :)


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