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Am losing motivation - help

Finished couch to 5k a couple of weeks ago but am now struggling to fit in running. I work irregularly but last week was a full on week (leaving house at 6:30am and getting back around 6:30pm at the earliest). Managed to run once last week but not going to be able to run again until Wednesday due to work and children which will be over a week between runs. Think maybe I need to use a different podcast (have been just running 5k which has been taking between about 27.5 and 28.5 minutes) as I feel in a bit of rut. And that's when I am managing to run....

Anyone else suffered with motivation post graduation?

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Don't beat yourself up!! You've managed to graduate to running for 30 minutes so you can afford a little holiday. Even if you haven't run for a week - so what, you're not running for anyone but yourself and you need to work out what's best for you and what fits into your lifestyle.

I'm writing this for me as well as you! I nearly wrote a blog just now saying how guilty I feel about having not run this weekend, when I read yours. I think we need to allow ourselves a little slack. You know that when you run it feels good and you feel energized and satisfied - we have that to look forward to next time.

For the motivation part I'd recommend using the graduate podcasts for a bit. If you have time to run three times a week then you could try the stamina one, the speed one and then a freestylr one of your own. These podcasts are really encouraging. If you can't manage three times a week then just do what you can until things change. I've tried setting myself the goal of getting to 10k - no time limit, hopefully before Christmas, but its the getting there that counts.

Come on, we've come this far with a little help from our friends!


Thank you :-) you are right that not running isn't the end of the world! Just frustrating that having finished C25K has coincided with having lots of work (is freelance so need to take it when I get it). Will try downloading the podcasts and try one on Wednesday when I Will run!

My longer term plans include a 10k race next August so am pretty sure I can make that by then :-)


On the days when you really can't run, why not try and fit in some stretching exercises so you still feel you're doing something positive. As an example, any time you find yourself standing for a few minutes, you could do a couple of sets of calf raises. It will all help towards keeping you ready and supple for your next run.


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