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Repeating C25K

I started the C25K plan back in May and finished in August. Since then I've been lurking on the forums, but not posting. Since graduating I've tried Stepping Stones and Speed, but in some ways I've lost focus. When it started to get dark I retreated into the gym and started using the treadmill (for the first time). I found this incredibly difficult and could no longer run for 30 minutes. I have been stuggling, but last week I decided that I would run C25K again from the beginning, but this time on the treadmill. When running outside I'm no where near running 5K in 30 minutes (my best time is about 39 minutes). I am now completing the podcast but I'm running at 10KPH for the running bits and walking for the walking bits. I just finished Week 1 today. I hope that if I can stick with the plan this will raise my pace. Has anyone tried this?

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Doesn't really matter what you do -- just keep moving!!! :)


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