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Up Date

Hi all just a quick update to let you know what I have been up to. Not a lot, been a bit fragile, had a fall in town, :-( and bumped the car all in one week . :-( Went out for a run today mid morning, as the 7,oclocks runs where a bit too cold and foggy. I did 3K in 33mins, so was quite pleased , first run for 8 days. I have joined the local gym and going to try the treadmill, wish me luck . Pat :-)

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You get weeks like that - just put it behind you, main thing is you're not hurt. Great you got out for a run and joined a gym - I joined one too last week, mixed feelings there but can't run atm with my wonky knee so need a cross-trainer which is actually quite a good substitute. I had a wee go on a treadmill too first visit just to see if I could do it, the trick I think is start out very gradually, and even more important, slow down very gradually too and then stand for a moment before you get off. I held on all the time but most people don't seem to, maybe with practise...

Wish you lots of warm inside treadmill runs - the disadvantages of running in the gym are obvious but here's a couple of advantages for you, apart from the no-weather - you get to observe loads of beautiful people (caught myself putting on make up this morning to go to the gym for goodness sake :-D ) - lots of interesting tattoos and fit young men too... :-)


Well done with the run Pat and well done for joining the gym! Have fun! xox delia


Oh what bad luck, glad you werent hurt and well done on getting back out there. I may end up back in the gym one evening this week as these dark nights are thwarting my good intentions to run after work mid week.


Thanks all, I will let you know how I get on with the treadmill I have got my audio book ready . :-) . Been out for good walk this afternoon 4km in 46mins :-D Pat.


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