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Grad week +1 -keeping on running!


Well, I'm pleased to report that having graduated last Sunday I have managed to run 3 times this week. I was a bit bothered about the motivation side of things without a target to aim at. However, I decided that my initial goal would be to increase distance to 5k (PB at the moment is 4.5K in 30 minute) and then try and reduce the 5k time closer to 30 mins.

So this week I've tried Stepping Stones twice (along with Chusan51 who seems to be doing the same thing) - I found it easier than the free-pace running in C25k but consequently didn't cover as much distance. Then today I did the Speed podcast. This was a bit strange because it's back to only 16 minutes of running. It was fine while it lasted although I didn't find the fast intervals particularly fast (I think my natural pace is around 160) - however it was very short and I wasn't even very tomato-faced when I came home (although this, in itself, is evidence of progress. Week 1 had me huffing and puffing - this was TWICE as much running and hardly out of breath :-) )

I notice that many people here say things like "I thought I could keep going another 5 minutes so I did...." well I'm not one of those. If Laura tells me to slow down for my warm-down walk I don't need persuading - I do exactly that! That's why I had to stop at the end of speed today.

I walked home listening to the introduction of the Stamina podcast. That's going to be the one I do next and I think it'll be quite a test - exactly what I need now and I'm hoping the extra 5 minutes will have me close to 5k . I'm just frustrated that I probably won't be able to try it until Wednesday - my usual Tuesday running slot is taken with other, more urgent stuff.

So there we go - another busy week coming up. Hope you're all doing well and I'm looking forward especially to hearing how all the new grads on JR21's list are doing.

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Well done thinnerandfitter both for doing the stepping stones and speed and keeping to the programme. I'm sure they know what they are doing when Laura tells us to slow down and warm down. I'm ready for that and I wouldn't start tacking on an extra 5m either. I loved the speed, but the stamina left me exhausted and with an injured knee-don't know how. I think the 16m for speed is because of its intensity, so that's why they say only once a week for that run too. The 40m for stamina was a kill, and quite enough for me.

Hope you find it easier than I did. Main thing is to try and stick to what Laura is saying-but it is hard.

Keep on Running! :-)

Colette x


Hi Colette,

Thank you for your reply. I hope your knee's feeling better and won't keep you out of action for long.

I've changed my mind about my next run - another blog here (Mabbers I think) said that Stamina is hard work so I think I'll do Speed again first - apart from anything I need the extra 20 minutes work time tomorrow as I'm so busy :-(

As it's over a week now since my last "hard" 30 minute run (week 9 run 3) I'm almost worried that I won't be able to reproduce that now - hopefully I'll prove myself wrong with Stamina at the weekend. My expectations are not huge so I can only be pleased - but then that goes for the whole program so far :-)

My t-shirt has shipped now so hopefully I'll be "christening" it soon!

Good luck - especially with that hurty knee - don't overdo it but I'll look forward to hearing your news.

Ann x


Hi Ann, it was me-I said that stamina is hard-it really is, so you need to do the pods in order-stepping stones-speed-stamina. It really does take it out of you-even Tom was knackered (Chausan) and he's a fit bloke. Even Joe (TexasDad) found it hard-again another fit bloke. So if the blokes find it hard, where does that leave us gal's?

Good luck with Christening the T shirt. You will enjoy speed-interval running-I loved it. can't wait to get back into it all, but will have to take my time.

Keep on Running! :-)

Colette x


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