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Another first x 2

Today for the first time ever I ventured out to do my run in daylight. I had to as I'd missed two days and was pretty sure that after entertaining family I'd not be wanting to go out this evening.

Surprise surprise, no one looked twice and no one laughed. What's more seeing as it was daylight I could head for a small local park that I'd never been to before because it's in the wrong direction and quite a way away. Also it's so full of trees that you'd not venture into it when the light is failing, let alone after dark. So I got to run on grass (well soggy leaves for much of the route) which makes it another first. Of course I got slightly lost when I came out of the wrong exit and found myself in an unknown bit of suburbia, but who cares?

So that's my second go at stepping stones. What to try next, stamina or speed or just a repeat of W9? The great thing about running is that I don't have to decide until I leave the house ...

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