Is it safe to run two days on the trot?

I ask the above as I started week 8 yesterday and to begin with the session went well but after fifteen minutes I was struggling to breathe due to the cold especially on inclines which I find I am leaning forwards on . Is this why I am struggling? I was thinking of repeat run 1 of week 8 today so a quick response to my question would be appreciated thanks.

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  • I'm not qualified to give you a definitive answer, but to me it seems logical that you will perform better if you give your body time to recover between runs.

  • Hi Ebony,

    I'm not qualified except by my own experience. I failed to finish week 8 run3, having completed 1 and 2 on a treadmill. I did about half of it on a new, uphill route before having to stop. It was also very cold, a bit like today. That was on a Thursday morning and I followed advice from here to take longer breaks between these longer runs so I didn't run again until Sunday, when I nailed it. OK, my graduation ended up one run (so 2 days) later than I'd hoped but that doesn't matter in the greater scheme of things. If I were you, I'd definitely take the extra day or two off. Your body will thank you!

  • The whole point of the rest days is to allow your body to recover. I'd be wary of running without a rest day, and sometimes 2 rest days do not go amiss. Like Trebor and Thinner I'm no expert - but the programme was designed by experts and if they put in rest days they had a very good reason for it.

  • We never questioned the program and always had at least 1 day of recovery between runs. Like the others stated, once you get into longer runs, you need the rest days. This week I ran 3-5K's and the last run was horrible. I only had one day of rest between run 2 and 3. I think it would of went better if I would of had at least 2 days difference. Gayle

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