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W6R1 thankfully out of the way!

After reading some of the posts about the dreaded week 6 I'm so glad that's done. It was quite hard work though, the second 5 mins were definately harder than the first, especially after the 8 mins in between! It didn't help that I went into it with a sore bum and left leg after ten pin bowling yesterday :) next step Run 2 on tue, looking forward to the challenge. Ive definately got the bug; going out on a Sat night for a run before a night on the town and actually looking forward to what Laura has in store next! Happy weekend y'all!

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Excellent news, Leyther!!! Don't look now, but you are well over halfway through the program and soon out of the intervals and into long runs!! You will handle them marvelously!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks Steve :)


Well done Leyther1, It's weird isn't it that we found that 2nd 5 mins challenging, when we'd run a constant 20 mins last week :-) I found it quite a struggle. I'm due to do run 2 tomorrow .......good luck with your 2nd run :-)


Ha yeah it is weird, I'm glad its out of the way don't know about you. Its great to be able to tick them off one by one. Good luck for run 2 tomorrow, hope you can blog how it goes so I can have a read before I do it on Tue night :)


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