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First Post Graduation Run

Just been out on my first run since Graduation.

I've decided not try try to "step up" too soon & ran with the Wk9 podcast again (I think I might go for my own playlist for my next run).

My aim is to consolidate on running for 30 mins, to try to steadily increase my distance to try to get to 5k in that time.

It was a very similar run to my Graduation run - 4.5k in (just under this time) 31 mins - and I actually quite enjoyed it AND actually felt like a runner - or did I just enjoy it cus I was back in tights!!! :-)

Very muddy out there today though & got hassled by a dog part way round!!!

The running kit is in the wash at last though (along with my shoes)!!

Will have to admit that when I got on a bit of a roll with successful runs in Week8, the old football superstitions kicked in and I was reluctant to wash my kit unless the "magic" disappeared!!!

I must have been the most mud splattered Graduate ever last Thursday!!!!

Lots of recent Graduates - how have your first Post Grad runs been & what are your next targets??

Happy Running

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Well done you!

Just one thing though, I have been told by all my more experienced running friends not to wash running shoes in the machine as it can ruin them (once won't matter I am sure!). I just brush off the mud once its dried a bit.


Oops - thanks for the tip!!!

(Followed my missus' lead - who did the same he other day!!!)


I used to wash mine in the machine - having wrecked one pair, I won't do it again. I don't think you should dry them on the radiator or using direct heat either. I hang mine up in the conservatory to dry slowly, then brush them.

Congratulations on your run :-)


Well done, Spud! My lovely Brooks shoes look wrecked in spite of my best efforts to clean them. But I am trying to convince myself the mud is a badge of pride, rather than having pristine new ones, lol. Can't justify new ones just yet specially as I'm not actually running at the moment cos of shin splints. The lady in the running shop said usually shoes are good for 500 miles and there's no way I've done anywhere near that !

You do right to consolidate befor stepping it up. Now that you've graduated, woo, woo, you can purely enjoy the runs without any pressure or fear of fluffing a run. Happy running!


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