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Nearly there! 4.77km today

I test drove the Audiofuel rollercoaster podcast today. It's pretty good actually, similar to the 5K+ "stamina" podcast but 5 minutes longer and with an aussie bloke telling you what to do instead of Laura. I think I'll mix this one up with "Stamina" and "Speed" for a few weeks, and start introducing some hills.

Anyway, I managed 4.77km in the 40 mins. Not much further to go. I run on a pretty treacherous towpath so I could probably do a 5km park run in 40 or so minutes. Thinking I might go for the St Albans one in the next couple of weeks.

My ankle was pretty uncomfortable this morning when I woke up. I put it down to my advanced age and strapped it up. If I didn't run any time I creak and groan in the morning I'd never run.

I always find the first 5 mins the most difficult. This morning my feet and ankle were telling me to stop. I told them to shut up and eventually they did. Maybe I should leave 2 rest days before my next run, as 40 mins is a lot for me. But that would mean I won't run again until Thursday due to work commitments. Hmm.

Unless I bite the bullet and do a lunchtime run in London. I know lots of people do but they're all young and fit without the wobbly bits. I'm not sure I want tourists gawping at my wobbly bits bouncing up and down as I shuffle past the Tower of London, shock absorber notwithstanding!

Decisions decisions. Anyway, this is turning into more of a stream-of-consciousness than a blog, so I'll sign off for now. Happy running!

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I like Speed and Stamina too, was mixing them with a run to my own music before knees stopped play. When I get back I'll work up to 30 minutes again and then increase speed, I was 5K in 35 before.

Might try the audiofuel one too - is the music like Laura's??? Now I've eventually got a clever phone I could download t to that - or can you put it on an ipod too?

Good luck anyway :-) - and I think 2 days between runs is a good thing sometimes when you're doing further/longer.


Thanks Mitts! Yes the music is all familiar from the 5k+ podcasts.

You can download it to iPod. You can either do the dj mix, or organise the tracks in your own playlist. It's quite expensive that's the only thing.


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