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Week 2 finally done

After having my original W2 cancelled after getting a chest infection I restarted it this week and actually completed it this time. I found on run 2 that I was struggling at the last two run sections so today I paid attention to the pace announcements (I am using the Run Double app). The upshot was that slowing my run pace to around 8 mins/k and walk sections to around 10 mins/k makes it more do-able. I was still grateful whe tbe last run section finished but at least I completed all run sections this time. Gulp .... week 3 here I come!!!!

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Fantastic for you, Pea!! Welcome back and welcome to Week3!! The pace that you set for yourself is incredibly important to how well you get on in the runs!!

You are doing wonderfully!! Keep this up and you will have the 9 weeks knocked out in no time!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks, Steve. I outlined to my son what W3 entailed and he didnt seem impressed!! In fairness to him he is a seasoned runner but it is too many years ago since I have run anywhere.


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