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Well that's me tonight! Went on the treadmill all set to do wk 9 d2 thinking I'll try for a it longer than 30 minutes and also increased the speed VERY slightly. Lasted 17 minutes! And that's including the 5 minute warm up!!! Only the 2nd time this has happened where I've gave up! Had a rubbish day and my mind just wasn't on it tonight, so will give it another go tomorrow, although was going to do today then Sunday to complete my week so now I've mucked up that too! I need motivation at times ( most of the time) and have to start with a PMA or else I give up! I know I can do it tho!! Ahhhhh mad at myself!

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Yes, that's it - you can do it and you will. Keep that feeling of being mad at yourself and use that as your motivation to keep you going. Remember - you're stronger than you think and you WILL do this. Monday night you will graduate. Forget about increasing your speed or going for longer, just run for 30 minutes at a comfortable pace tomorrow and then do that again on Monday. Job done. Well done for getting this far and not giving up - that takes a lot of effort and will. Stick with it.


You can do it!


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