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Onwards and upwards!

Since graduating I have done one 30 minute run (ok, I stopped at 28 minutes!), and then started on B210K with 4x10 minutes runs with a minute walking in-between. Interestingly the 40 minutes seemed easier than the 30, which shows what a difference those short breaks make. So glad to be back doing intervals! 10k/60 minutes here I come! Graduation badge: check. C25K tshirt: check. Half marathon next May: perhaps! Am going to try to run 5k without any breaks this weekend and see what time I take. I was just 50 metres short of 5k on my 4x10 minute run this morning, which was 43 minutes not counting the warm up and cool down walks.

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Well I graduated as probably the worlds slowest runner and am only running at about half the pace I need to reach to make the 5k in 30 minutes so once I hit the 30 minute mark I wasn't sure where I was going to go next.

I tried the Stepping Stones but the pace was just too fast for me - I only managed a couple of minutes. So I had to have a think about how I was going to improve my pace and decided that I was just going to go back to the earlier podcasts and just start working through them at a faster pace so thank goodness for the intervals :-)


Congratulations to both of you for continuing on after graduation. I think it takes us awhile to figure out where we want to go as we continue with this journey. Most of us seem to find something that works. I like your long term goal of a half marathon, you can do it!!!! :-) Gayle


Sounds good Genevan! I want to do some interval training but prefer to do it in daylight so that restricts me to just the weekend and then when it comes round I want to do a full run! So not sure how I will fit it in to my plan yet......

Keep up the good work though! Sue


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