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I lost my way..... but I'm back on the right route now :)

Had a bad couple of weeks since graduating. I was expecting far too much of myself, thought I could conquer the world straight away :p I was finding it difficult to run for even 15 minutes without walking, my mind really wasn't there (when is it ever?)

I have learned my lesson now though, no more being over-enthusiastic. I couldn't deal with stepping stones, so went straight to B210K :( However, yesterday I finally decided I needed to calm down a bit so went out with Nike+ set to 30 minutes, no distances - just time, and it worked. I just concentrated on the running, and the classical music (wrong playlist again, or maybe it was the right playlist?) I wasn't fussed about changing it, and I just ran for 30 minutes, and it was good :) So that's it for me for a while, stick to 30 minutes and increase the distance slowly (very) and also take part in our local parkrun when I can.

Thank you for listening to my little whinge, I feel so much better :)

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Hi eshaz14,

Well done on recognising a problem that might have put you off your running and for dealing with it. I think you've done exactly the right thing, increase by no more than 10% a week in your distance; consolidate. PLENTY of time to get faster and stronger.



I think we all tend to expect to much of ourselves at times...or at least I do. :-( Sounds like a great plan! I say listen to whatever music is going to get you moving and enjoying it. I struggled after

Graduation too... I have now decided to run a 5K (takes me about 37-38 min) at least once a week and still run 1-2 other days of the week either doing a 5K+ podcast or something else. I say find what works for you and go for it! Just always try to keep in the back of your mind how far you have came with your journey!! :-) Gayle


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