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First post-graduate run today. Someone asked me if I was going to take a week off. I thought, naaah, it doesn't work that way. Anyway I had no obstacles to getting out and it was a beautiful day.

Decided to try Stepping Stones, there seems to have been a lot of chat about that today. Like others I found the pace a bit slower than I was used to. I liked running with Laura in my ear again though, with some of the tips I had missed when I switched to my own playlist. The music was not too bad either.

Got stopped about 10 minutes before the end by a call I had to take. But paused Laura and then carried on again. Not sure what that did to my stats but I did 5.14 km that is 5k in 29 mins 56 seconds! Made it by 4 seconds.

Weekend not looking good for a run unfortunately but will probably try to move on to Stamina or Speed next.

Now whose version of Stepping Stone do I prefer, the Monkees or the Pistols?

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Hi there. Firstly congratulations on graduating, well done

I have one run left to go on the program and not sure what to do next. I have downloaded all three other podcasts. Can you explain about the stepping stones one and what it does?

I'm also planning not to have a break as i think i might get a bit laid back. I'm thinking of signing up for our local Parkrun (a word i'd never heard of till joining in on here :-) )



Stepping Stones basically gets you to run at a set pace. The pace changes throughout the podcast. It is to help you improve on what you achieved in the main programme. It is worth trying out to see if it is for you. There are also the Speed and Stamina podcasts.

My local parkrun isn't that local and is at a time which doesn't suit so I don't think I will be going there unfortunately.


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