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w5r1 - lemon squeezy

Well I have to say that was pretty easy, now my salsa legs have recovered a bit. 3 x 5 mins with my fastest mile time so far, 12 mins 11 seconds. I actually feel I could have run faster now I'm finished, but when I was out there, I reigned it in because I didn't have enough faith that I would be able to do it without running out of steam. So Sunday for w5r2, and then the day of doom. At least the day of doom run will be done before salsa class, so I won't feel like I am doing it with my feet cemented into the ground!

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It won't be a day of doom, you will be fine, just don't start to fast and keep running and you will do it!! Well done for w1r1 and good luck with the rest of w5, don't forget to let us know how it goes. :-)


Yep...what Rolphie said!!!! :-)

You are doing marvelously!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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