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5k+ stepping stones too slow

I graduated a few wks ago & altho I can do 5k I wanted to keep improving so tried the stepping stones podcasts. I found it almost impossible to run so slowly & gave up with podcast. Anyone else had similar issues or should I persevere?


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Hmmmm that sounds interesting....I have just finished W9 and am going to try these podcasts next week, really looking forward to reading the comments about this....Good on you Popsiecat for graduating I found this last week really hard and did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would but must move on and look ahead eh....what else are you doing besides the podcasts...anything else... ?



And by the way, congratulations, Pinkus! X


Congrats to u too. I've found that I've also had some weeks that have been really tough & others easier.

I have a handy 5k route so to be honest I've just stuck to that & either used the wk9 podcast & kept running after it ends til I get to 5k or just had own music on. I've just spotted a local 10k advertised for March so want to aim for that now so need to start pushing harder to stretch myself. Loved the structure of original podcasts tho & miss that.


Well done on graduating! Yes - other people have had similar issues with Stepping Stones - have a look at Chusan51's blog "Stepping Stone - 2nd session and not sure I should be slowing down my natural pace. What is your experience?" - It's already down to page 5 of the blogs but only a couple of days old.

I've tried stepping stones twice now and found it useful in a way but I know exactly what you mean about it being too slow. I've enjoyed the two runs as a "consolidation" of what I've already done - it was actually nice to run half and hour and feel it was well within my capability - but I think I need to try speed and stamina next. Good luck with whatever you decide and let us know!


Steping satones is what is says stepping stones to greater things. I personally learned a lot-it starts off slowly, which teaches control! If you run fast you are apt to be out of control of your posture, breathing and feet placement, so that is the reason. I found it all very useful indeed, and am a better, not faster, but better runner for it. it also uses your listening skills, so if you don't listen to Laura you won't get it right, but will go off in a tangent doing your own thing, which is not what it is all about. I graduated onto speed-which I loved and I continued with stamina on Wednesday and ended up with a very painful left knee, so can't really comment on that, except i found it gruelling.

Either way Posiecat and Pinkus I recommend sticking to the system and doing the programmes in order :-)


Thanks Colette for this info on stepping stones as I have been in a bit of a dilema as to do them all or not but you have clarrified this for me so will do them and stick to them like you say....good not to go off on my own tangent (as I usually do) and then regret it later....so I only want to go 3x a week as I really need my rest day in between where I do nothing but rest so shall I do them in order or concentrate on the two and leave speed for last or speed later....not sure whats best....can you advise me please......sorry but I want to get this right...from the beginnning....xxx


Hi Julie, Do it in the order on the site-stepping stones which then leads you into speed which leads you into stamina. I have been told by a reliable source that you mustn't do more than 1 speed in every week, because of it's intensity on the body. I found it really good, and thoroughly enjoyed it-but I had learned my lessons well from stepping stones. Some say it is too slow, others too fast-take your pick-but in all that you do it is teaching you to listen, count and to have control over your running steps, which are small and light. This is where a lot of folk trip up and do their own thing. They don't understand that the purpose of the slower smaller steps is to teach you control over your pace and to get you into a good rhythm. Then onto speed, which uses the methods you have been taught into increasing your speed with interval running. You think you haven't done much, but you have. Stamina is back into 40 minutes of running, using all the info, but instead of a slow down break, as in stepping stones and speed, you are now upping the pace every 10 minutes as you go. I found this grueling and in fact injured my left knee, so couldn't run yesterday. I may be able to go out and do a free run on Monday-we'll see. I do hope this helps. If you want anymore help leave a message and I'll leave my email on your message page.

Good luck-have fun-and Keep on Running :-)

Colette x


I'm with Pearsey, I love Speed (and it's a great one to do if you're pushed for time as it's only 16 mins + 10 walking, yet is still a good workout). Laura keeps you on the straight and narrow as regards posture, technique etc which keeps you focussed. I, too, found Stamina quite gruelling but doable with effort (saving the fastest but for a 'final burst' is one of Laura's little tricks!). Just a word of caution: I think running too fast was the cause of my very nuisance-y shin splints and believe me, you do NOT want those, so don't push the speed too far too soon!

Hey, Popsiecat, you need to message JR21 for your graduation badge! And congratulations on getting there! Happy running!


Oh thanks Soozz for your encouragement so which one is the hardest...is it stamina....I thought it was speed....not sure now....how do you not run toooo fast.....please explain... xx


Hi, quick update ... I tried the Speed session yesterday & yes it was much more challenging & "slow" bits didn't see as difficult & clumsy! Going to try stamina tomorrow.

Thanks for responses & tips & good luck x


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