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W1D3 done woo hoo

Restricted by my husbands work arrangements I hauled myself out of bed at 6-45 this morning, put on the trainers and gloves and set off for the final run of week one.

Amazing how once your out in the fresh air you feel so much better straight away.

Followed the same route as day one but had to alter the end as had obviously covered more distance than the first attempt!

Felt really good for finishing... Encouraged by my 2year old s observation on my return home of " you look happy mum"

So now to download podcast number 2 and see what Laura has in store for me on week 2.

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Hi Rosie, well done, it does feel good when you complete a run. Pace yourself and keep going!


Thanks for the encouragement .


It is great! I'venever been a morning person but somehow I'm loving my mornings when i get up for c25k!

Its fantastic when your kids notice the positive impacts of the program :-) And they are both physical and mental. I'm on my last run of wk3 tomorrow and amazed at how good its making me feel!

Keep enjoying it and well done :-)


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