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W2R2 done ... And my perfume of choice is now Deep Heat !

Run 2 today... All good, I recover well, am tired by the fourth stint but I do it.

Am pleased that I feel like its all doable , the hardest part is getting started!

However, after Run 1 of week 2 I had the worst nights sleep for a long time .... Everything from hip down ached and despite having a lovely mattress, I couldn't get comfy and tossed and turned all night.

Tonight, I've sprayed hips knees and ankles with Deep Heat and oh my, it's like heaven!! I don't care if I smell like a coach load full of pensioners on a day trip, I feel no pain! :)

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Heehee - know what you mean - my bedroom smells of tiger balm most of the time. I don't think it actually does any good - but it's psychological - so what? If it feels good, and it smells good then it's probably good! Well done for getting most of W2 out of the way - you;ll be graduating just into 2013 - a great way to start the new year.


I remember having a couple nights like that. An antiinflammatory pill was helpful for me a few times plus Arnica cream. I don't get that anymore and I hope it passes for you too. I think it may have been my old runners as well. I changed those and I haven't had pain of that type since.


Beautifully done, Allie!! You are almost through W2!!

Oh my, how we understand aches and soreness!! Here in the states a marathoner friend of mine suggested a wonderful muscle rub by the name of MaxFreeze. It is a more economical version of a rub (BioFreeze) used by chiropractors and sports physiologists here. It has been an absolute God send for Gayle. (gdeann) Oh my, how it smells, though!! It will literally make your eyes burn and water just by smelling it!! A couple of watery eyes is a small price to pay for a good night's sleep!!

You are doing wonderfully, keep it up!!

Keep Running!!



Great going Allie! As Steve said, I love the stuff! I rub it on my knees and hip joints right before a run. No one would want to get close to me unless they want to clear their sinuses! ;-) an anti-inflammatory won't hurt either if you continue hurting. I find just as soon as one ache and pain is done, I move on to another! I'm sure my age probably has something to do with it. ;-) welcome to week 3!!!!! :-) Gayle


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