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The added benefits of C25K

Just completed W3R3 and apart from feeling great, losing weight and a renewed feeling of self-confidence there are other benefits. Here is the story ...

I had to take my 6 year old son to his swimming lesson. The car park was full so we ended up parking down the road outside some houses. With only 15 minutes to go before the lesson started, and he needed to get changed as well, there was only one thing do which was to make a run for it. Three minutes of light jogging for me - and a full out sprint for him - got us to reception in time to go through and get changed and not miss the start of the thirty minute lesson

The added benefits: I wasn't out of breath when talking to the good-looking receptionist, I earned the admiration of my son ("Wow, Daddy, you can run really fast!") and I didn't get told off by 'er indoors for being late. Big smiles all round

Can't wait until W4R1 :)

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Well done, Chris!! Especially on the good-looking receptionist part!!! :-)

It is an amazing program and just how quickly our bodies adapt to running is even more amazing!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Great post!


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