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Back in the saddle

Just getting in the zone . 40 min run and a blaggin blog !! That sounds weird but I know what I mean...then got a cold and it headed for my lungs..wheezy and coughing for England.

A week without a run and dread was setting in. Would I lose it and have to start again. Enviously looking at runners .. Which seem to be everywhere now!

Well had to give it a try...kill or cure. Took gallons of ventolin and headed out for a 30 min run. And I might add my first post work in the dark run.

It was fab..sailed round and loved it. And boy does it clear your chest afterwords.. But I will spare you the details.

Another 30 mins tonight and feel like I'm getting back on form. Looking forwards to my weekend run.

Never thought I would say I missed running!

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Fantastic, Julesdav! Good for you for being so determined. You must be nearing graduation by now? Best wishes for the rest of the programme! :)


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