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WARNING! An earned Grad badge = Christmas early at the Hall household and soon to be 3-organized 5K runs!

Oh my! Where to even start!!! :-) Since Graduation this running business is depleting the Hall household budget!! ;-) We are finding several "must haves" that any decent runner should have, such as trainers...tights...long sleeved and short sleeves tops...jackets...buffs (on my Christmas list) and the best of them all...A GARMIN WATCH!!! Christmas came early at the Hall's yesterday! Steve and I treated ourselves to an early Christmas pressie... ;-) Mine, of course, is the ever stylish grey with pink stripe! :-)

Also taking care of the budget is the expense of entering 5K runs in our area. We don't have the parkruns here, so all of the runs have an entry fee. On a good note, all of the money goes to charity. :-)

The earning of the Grad badge also causes moments of asking later...DID WE JUST DO THAT? For example, we entered an organized 5K for this weekend. It will be in our town and will actually start just a few blocks from our home. In checking out the route, we will be running right past our home!!! Pretty neat stuff! :-) The DID WE JUST DO THAT? moment came when we realized, we just entered a run that will go right past our home and includes most of our usual route, but we just paid $50 American dollars to run what we usually do for free. ;-) ;-) ;-) You can stop laughing now. :-)

We will be testing the Garmins out later today and praying we won't be running by a shopping mall.... :-)

My 5K's have went well, I'm not near a 30 minute time... 39:45 and 37:50, but I now have the confidence to know I can run 40 continuous minutes. Not shabby at all for never running until 3.5 months ago. :-)

Gayle :-)

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Fantastic, Gayle! Laughed at the thought of you and Steve paying for the privilege of running past your own house! :) The things we do! Best of luck to you both - enjoy the Garmins, my Steve received an early Chrissie present too! If only I had shares in Garmin! :)


Hey, I think that I am liking this idea of running by our house! If my estimates are correct, I will be needing to stop for a beer at just about that time!! You can go on and finish up, I will wait for you at home!! :-)

No worries about the amount that we are spending on running gear. The first few weeks of the program I was convinced that we would be spending the money on ambulance rides to the hospital emergency room!! The way be both gasped, wheezed and stumbled aroundI was sure that we would end up there at some point!! I figure that all of this fine gear is our reward for not dying!! :-)

Keep Running...just don't run faster than me!! :-)



Hi Steve....Pinkus ere....You are a "NUTCASE" make me laugh so much....keep those great blogs coming !!!!!


Lol how funny to pay to run past your house, at least you can stop for the loo if you need to!

It is surprising how running, which I started as I couldn't afford the gym and thought would be free costs so much, my list of must haves grows by the day and I can no longer walk past a sports shop :-)

I am very lucky a new Parkrun has just started about 10 minutes from where I live and it is really excellent, not sure I would do it if I had to travel far. Maybe you and Steve could set up a Parkrun in your area, they are meant to be international events now.

Good luck in your 5K run let us know how you do and if the garmins are good (can add one to my Christmas list then!;-)). Keep running


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