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Wow, it's foggy out there - no, wait, my glasses have steamed up!

Plodding down the towpath this morning in the fog, couldn't see my feet at one point. Removed glasses as I ran, and miraculously my vision improved! Might have to invest in some contact lenses to run in cooler weather.

Did the "stamina" run this morning. Felt like I was running through treacle. Husband helpfully suggested that my prodigious appetite, including the large slice of pie and chips I had for my dinner last night, might have been partly responsible for the treacle.

You can go off people.

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p.s. 4.5km today. Not bad but still not quite 5. Grr.


Well done. I run without glasses but need them to write my post run updates which take twice as long as normal typing due to steamed up glasses. I've been a bit unimpressed with stepping stones and was debating stamina or speed next. Will try the stamina tomorrow but avoid the apple pie tonight and see if I can be treacle free.


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