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Weight training for fat loss to go alongside my running program

Could anyone suggest to me any programs or websites that can give me advice and information on how I can use weight lifting and weight exercises to help burn more fat. I want to have a run and then afterwards be able to do some of these exercises so that I can get the 'afterburn' effect.

Any responses are greatly appreciated!!

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I suppose you'd be doing this at your gym - why not book a session with a trainer and get some advice from someone who can see with their own eyes what you need and can/can't do?

I joined a gym here (Switzerland) this week and there was an obligitory first session with a trainer. She weighed and measured me in places I'd never been weighed and measured in before and then wrote me out a programme of the most excruciating exercises - for fat burning and endurance - on a selection of those horrible machines. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry - all I want is to go on the bikes and cross trainers while my knee's recovering, and every single one of the wretched weights and measurements she did on me were in the 'normal' range - but now I have 20 minutes of exercises to do before I go on the cross-trainer. :-( Bah.

But it might be just what you're looking for :-)


That is exactly what I am looking for! Thanks for the advice, hopefully the trainer can help me to burn this chest and belly fat a.s.a.p! I've lost 17 pounds in 4 weeks but my BMI has only gone down 1.5!


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