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Week 4 reconquered

Hurray! I have completed week 4 for the second time. Having been out for almost 4 weeks, stopping due to injury at Week 5 run 3, I started back on week 3 last week. Did one run and it felt good so proceeded straight to week 4. Run 1 was hard but not too hard, run 2 seemed like all the walking was downhill and the running was up (really got to look at my route!) but tonight run 3 wasn't bad at all. I don't feel like I've got my flow back and I'm not finding it as 'enjoyable' if that's the word this time round but I'm putting that down to be out of routine and my ankle still being a little sore.

So it's back to week 5 on Friday! I am determined to graduate before Christmas and won't let anything get in my way if I can help it, even though next month is going to get busy! Looking forward to more enjoyable running soon. Here's hoping. :-)

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Well done for getting back to it, goes to show you dont lose all your fitness after an enforced break.


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