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Stiff feet and ankles any ideas ?

My feet (tops of, from ankle to mid foot) and ankles are stiff after running and in the mornings. I have been up until tonight running in neutral asics, but have bought supportive Saucony now and wore them tonight, and they are both so stiff now.

Anyone else had this or is this normal? what should i be doing? what could i be doing wrong. Its tricky in the morning when i get up going downstairs, wears off after a bit, but after running they are often stiff for a good few hours.

I dont stretch my feet or ankles at all..should i be?

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I was told a very simple stretching exercise by an Osteopath - simply squat down with your back straight, your knees pointing outwards like a frog and your heels on a book if necessary. You can then roll gently backwards and forwards, side to side and feel the stretches. Apparently Western people don't squat as much as we used to since we started using chairs, etc. and this squat stretching gets all the right bits from your peroneals to your hamstrings.


hi. you dont say how far into the program you are but Im guessing quite new. I found also that my ankles hurt for those first few weeks whilst they were getting used to exercise after a 25 year break! as for new trainers. I ran c25k in neutral adidas on a treadmill then moving outside found I needed supportive ones. my new trainers have definately made the aches & pains go away but those first couple of runs in them gave new aches. I presume due to landing different in new trainers but pains went away after a few more runs in them. maybe the same thing for you?

& yes, stretches for the area that hurts are a must. I didnt stretch at all during c25k but now that Im running longer distances I realise that stretching after a run is a must & now part of my running routine.

hope the ankles loosen up soon. good luck. x


Thanks for the help, i am on week 7, but have been reading up and the stiffness could also be due to hormonal changes - oh thats fun ...have only run once in the new trainers, so havnt really been able to tell if they are helping or not. I always stretch my legs after but will now be adding ankle stretches in too :D


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