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Week 9 Run 1 and I'm feeling good!!

I am so chuffed with myself having juct completed week 9 run 1, only 2 to go. Should I order my t-shirt now or wait until it's official. This programme has been fantastic and I am amazed at how my fitness has improved. After completing W8 r2 I came down with a really bad cough and did not run for 2 weeks. I was worried that it would put my training back a bit but on Monday I went out to see how far I could manage and ended up completing W8 R3 no problems, I think this may be due to still cycling to work every day.

I can't wait to graduate and have had to start planning my runs to ensure that they are long enough for my 30 mins.

Whoopee, I feel great!! :-)

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Run and order now!!! :-) I will be waiting to see which color you chose and to read your grad blog!! :-) Gayle


So you should, well done to you. Getting ready to celebrate your graduation


Great stuff, lyndseyj! It's amazing how our bodies adapt and recover themselves! Go for the tee-shirt - graduation is in the bag! :)


Yay! How exciting! That sense of accomplishment, I can't wait until I'm closer to being a graduate :D


Order now Lyndsey, and order your badge from John too, as they take two weeks to appear next to your name. Just a reminder go into directory, click admin and send him the message.

Well done on completing week 9 run 1-the rest will come naturally now-you can do it! Look forward to your graduate blog :-)

Colette x


Order it! Order it!! Maybe you need two...one with long and one with short sleeves!! :-)

You are almost there and doing wonderfully!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thank you all for your support, I have just contacted John and have also ordered my T-shirt in Royal blue, I shall hopefully graduate on Sunday. :-)


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