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Second time around on W5R2 plus I learn more about modern running shoes!

Quick update did my W5R2 this morning, second run since my restart after my Knee and cold virus problems. The run went well managed to keep going for the two 8 minute runs so hopefully I am keeping on track. Don’t want to count my chickens etc. I did that before just before the knee problem.

Second run with my new Nike trainers to correct my overpronation. Now for all you experienced runners out there please don’t laugh, well not too loudly, I noticed when running in the long grass trying to protect my joints from the pavements that my toes felt wet! Sure enough when I got home wet socks around the toes. My new trainers did not seem waterproof, so I rang Sweatshop and the nice lady explained that all running shoes are not waterproof they are designed to stop your feet over heating/sweating too much so therefore as well as letting air in they let water in. You need trail shoes if you want waterproof shoes.

Last time I ran a lot as a kid/teenager, which was many moons ago, we had plimsolls or early sport shoes not these new designer type running shoes so didn't know they were designed to let your feet get wet so hopefully I’ll have happy knees but slightly damp feet on my runs from now on.

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I'm not laughing exwightman! No, really, decent running shoes have been a bit of a revelation to me too! I haven't dared run through long grass yet because I'd probably trip over and then it would be more than my socks that would be drenched lol! However, I'm still surprised when I go out in my lovely running shoes that they feel decidedly draughty to start off with as all that air gets in. By the time I've run for more than a couple of mins though I'm really glad of all the ventilation! Modern technology - isn't it brilliant? (and I now realise I sound v-e-r-r-y old so I'll shut up . . . ) Hope your knees are soon very happy :-)


Thanks Fittervic, makes me feel better that I am not then only one who is behind on the modern technology of running shoes, like you say most probably an age thing I suspect we may be of a similar generation. The grass running is to save my joints as everyone says pounding the pavements is not good. So I am partial pavements partial grass. Good luck with the running.


My usual routes are a mixture of road and off-road (farm tracks/woodland paths) I get wet feet on almost every run. But it's not a problem at all. If you've not done so yet, buy running socks. As well as providing cushioning, they wick sweat away from your feet, and don't feel too wet. On some of my runs, I've actually had to run straight through ankle deep water - twice on the road and several times on the farm track - and within minutes with my feet pounding on the ground they don't feel cold, and the socks only feel damp not wet.

If/when I undertake to do more off-road running I'm going to get trail shoes, but I'm not sure whether to get waterproof trail running shoes or not. When hillwalking I currently use Goretex trail hiking shoes which keep my feet dry most of the time, but when walking in the summer, my feet get far too hot. And that's just with walking, they will be worse when running. I may just accept that I'll get wet feet - it's no big deal.


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