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No more excuses!!!!

So i went out on sunday morning having had nearly 3 weeks off! i previously had gotten to week 8 run 2 so was really disappointed with myself to go back 3 weeks. Managed to do week 5 run 1 with my friend helping to motivate me, but it felt awful, i could hardly breath, i was a staggering disaster! i did recover quickly though so was spurred onto W5 R2 yesterday, which i extended slightly and did 8 min run, 2 min walk, then 11min run, so hopefully tonight i will manage the 20 minute W5R3 hurdle. I think my problem was that i missed the 8/10 minute runs with the little walks in between, i don't think i was ready to jump so quickly from 20 minutes, to 25mins to 28mins. I think i will now do week 7 and 8 for 2 weeks each so that i can really feel ready for the big 30mins. If i can keep my motivation up in these cold evenings then hopefully i will get my graduation badge just in time for christmas! Heres hoping!

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Well done fittyboomboom! That's a great achievement getting back on board with the prog, especially as the nights draw in (but it feels so much more like an achievement if you've been out in the cold, dark and wet somehow!) Keep up the good work!


Well done! Start making your Christmas wish list out...I have a feeling there will be some running toys that a graduate will need! Continued success sent your way! Gayle


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