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Week 6 - Thank god that's over

Does this ever get easier? I just feel like it's been a really hard slog this week. No motivation, no looking forward to the next run. I suppose run 1 and 2 weren't that bad although I needed that well-timed advice from Laura each time!

Run 1 I did the first 5 minute a bit quicker - well, I did run 20 minutes straight two days before so running 5 minutes should be easy, right?? Wrong!

Run 2 was seriously just putting one foot in front of the other. There was no enjoyment in it and I was having a mental battle the whole time to keep on going and not give up.

Today's run was miserable :( I went out early but it was still 20 degrees c and sunny. After 1.5km I felt like I was dying of thirst but wasn't willing to stop the 30 seconds at the water fountain because that would mean that I hadn't run the whole thing and would equal a failure in my stupid head. When Laura piped up with "60 seconds to go, if you're feeling okay push a bit harder for the last bit" I wasn't feeling brilliant but wanted to finish as close to that water fountain as possible.

I keep wondering if listening to my own music would be a bit more inspiring, but I still really need Laura's sage advice. I could try running somewhere else for a change of scenery , but this weeks forced slog has seen me focussing on the ground about 2 metres in front as I stubbornly put one foot in front of the other. Let's face it one concrete path or patch of grass is going to look pretty much like another!

Next time I'm going to remember to take a water bottle with me, it's getting too warm to go without for the whole run. Now it's almost 7pm, lovely and cool and the infernal death star (sun) has gone to bed. It would be the perfect time for a run.

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Oh yes, the dreaded W6!! Many of us have found W6 to be the most difficult week of the program!! After the wonderful high of running for 20 minutes we confidently entered W6 only to be slapped around by those dreaded intervals again!!! You did it!!! Welcome to W7!!

Now, onto your "Does this ever get easier?" question. Gayle and I asked ourselves this very question throughout the program. After thinking a bit about it though, I don't know that it should be getting easier at this point. Ok, let's give this a bit of thought here. It is very reasonable to assume that after 6 weeks of running it would be much easier, but there is a bit of a trick here!! We are comparing apples to oranges!! You see, each week offers us a new challenge and pushes us a bit farther than the week before!! If we are trying harder and more challenging runs, why would it feel easier?? :-) YOU ARE IMPROVING!! Think about it, wouldn't those one minute runs from W1 be an absolute breeze now?? It is easier, but now we are running 8 minute intervals and 20 or 25 minute runs!!

Keep your head up and believe in yourself!! Even if it doesn't always feel like it, you are improving and YOU ARE DOING IT!!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



You're so right - it is like apples and oranges! 6 weeks ago the thought of running for 8 lots of 1 minute was tough, now I wouldn't even think twice about it :)

My new toy has just arrived, the Nike+ bit for the iPod. Now I'm dying to get out there and try it out.

Upwards and onwards to week 7!


Great attitude!! Keep going!


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