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Suitable footwear????

OK so I'm ready to get started have down loaded the podcast, listened through it, allocated some time but am confused as to what to run in, can I start off in my general trainers or should I invest in some running shoes, I have looked for advice online but am now confused more than ever so any help would be appreciated I plan to do my 1st run at the weekend

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Hi Clawmum Just go out in what trainers you have got to see how you get on and see if you like running for a few weeks, that's what I did, then if you enjoy it go to your local Sports Direct, they are very helpful and will sort you out with running shoes, mine are Nike dual fusion ST 2 and I love them. Good luck, I shall looked forward to see how you progress. Pat :-)


Thanks Pat,

I just want to make sure ive covered all the basics, Im good at making excuses so want to make sure every niggle is firmly in its place so I don't give up


Wear what you have for the first run (ie dont put off starting) but do look into getting your gait analysed and getting appropriate trainers as soon as possible... They'll make your runs more comfortable and reduce the chance of injury ... plus, if you have a mean streak like mine, you'll say to yourself that you can't give up 'cos you've just spent too much on your trainers to do so


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