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We were all born to run - but sometimes it feels as though I've forgotten

running slowly past a playing field full of small boys running around barely able to contain their energy - I wondered where did it all go. At what point did it start feeling this hard?

After 2 weeks off with a sore hamstring that left me limping - I went back out and managed wk5 r1. To start with I felt as though I was running through treacle. I was out of breath and briefly entertained the ridiculous idea that might mean I was going faster. I kept going and snuck in a couple of hamstring stretches on the walks to help ease up the stiffness. Didn't think Laura would mind.

I looked at those children and thought I'll probably never run with as little care and effort as they seem to - but funnily I might enjoy it more because it's a personal triumph just to run at all!

This programme is teaching me a lot of different things

- that it doesn't matter how long it takes as long as I keep going

- that being down for a week or two doesn't mean being out

- that a knock back is just the preparation for going to the next tougher bit

Only a few people closest to me even know I'm giving this a go - oh and all of you :)

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oh parkbirdy! i sympathise!!

sometimes i feel like my legs arent moving at all!!

still, you, like me, keep at it and that's the way to go. well done you.

I love the things that you've learnt through doing this program. Especially the - doesnt matter how long it takes, as long as you keep going. perfect! slow and steady wins the race and one day we'll be graduates and doing one of those park runs :-) .........

like proper runners!!

best of luck for the next run parkbirdy ali:-)


Brilliant post! We were definitely built to run but have spent eons as human beings forgetting!


Ohhhhh Parkbirdy, you are so right in all that you say. I've also learned that if at 54 i can start this then just being able to get through it is wondrous. I think, because the programme is so successful we tend to forget where we were when we started and the tendency can be to berate oneself if we have to take time out.

But... You're right about the kids... wouldn't it be wonderful if someone encouraged them to keep running about just for the fun of it :-)?

Anyway, wonderful post, really refreshing, thank you, Sara :-)


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