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Stepping Stones

Though I graduated a good few months ago, I tried the Stepping Stones routine today for the first time. Initially it felt very hard to keep in step with the rythm. It was fine for the brisk walk, but harder for the running part. I wanted to run faster. However, I'm so optimist that I'm sure I'll be able to master it and when that happens I'll be a better and faster runner.

I love to see the leaves falling and feel the cool breeze on my face. I wished I wasn't wearing too much, but hey, it's only 5k and the overall result was good, very good.

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Hi - I only graduated on Sunday but I had a go at Stepping Stones today as well. Like you, I found iit difficult to keep to the running part, especially in the first part of the run (150 bpm) as I wanted to go faster. I also found that I ran maybe 500m less distance in 30 mins than I did on Sunday for my grad run. However, it was definitely easier breathing and I'll probably keep doing it for a while just to consolidate a bit before going further/faster. Generally a good feeling and good run!


Autumn is a lovely season isn't it? Well done!


I found the beginning of the Stamina Stepping Stone (150bpm) a bit slow (my HR was about 140bpm, whereas it is usually 165-170bpm) but I think it is good training because it will allow me to run for longer, which is my aim.


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