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Graduated - W9R3 Done :) and still not in tights :D

To my surprise and amazement on Friday I completed the C25K course! Yes, aliens have abducted me and replaced me with a clone that likes running. I even used the words "nice" and "run" in the same sentence today!.

I have my lovely lady <3 to thank for getting me into this madness, and this excellent community for encouraging me and keeping me going. Thank You :)

I've gone from a slightly overweight 40 year old who was starting to get out of breath climbing up steps, to billy the whizz flying about all over the place. I've changed my diet a little cut down on the chocolate bars and down on the portion sizes and have dropped from 105kg to a slightly better 97KG I am 6ft2in so that's getting toward my target weight. All this is in 9 weeks running three times a week.

For those of you starting out keep at it push hard its worth it

I can't say enough about how good this plan is work hard at it and the rewards are there :). I've quoted this before here and its been a mantra for me this year for many things.

"Nothing in life worth having ever comes easy"

Another good guide to life is the old sunscreen song based on this newspaper column.

One line stands out

"Do one thing every day that scares you"

Running is scary at first but its good for you - the scare factor gets the adrenaline going and helps you run. Stamina seems to appear around week 4 or 5 and helps when the big scary 20min run comes.

Post C25K I'm just going to muck about for a while running as it takes my fancy on the same three nights a week I did with the C25K plan. Last night I ran 5K in just over 35mins which was good and matched my park run the other weekend. I still cant really believe I'm running for that length of time and I'm not completely exhausted at the end.

Once again thank you C25K for getting me back to fitness.

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Fantastic post, thanks for this, and a huge well done!


Congratulations on graduating, it's an amazing feeling isn't it :-)


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