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Unable to run for 4 weeks due to Tendonitis and calf injury but hopefully back on it this week :-) Fingers Crossed!!!!!!

Well my last run other than Sunday was about 3 - 4 weeks ago and prior to that was about 1 - 2 per week due to the pain in my left leg calf on the outside above my ankle (Tendonitis), also where the Achiles joins the calf muscle. I decided about 4 weeks ago to completely not run, much to my dismay just to try and let it heal, however 2 weeks later still lots of discomfort so made apointment to see my doctor who agreed to put me forward for some physio on the NHS, problem was that the wait could be upto 6 weeks to be seen, so i was prescribed some strong Anti inflamitory called naprosyn twice per day for a month. oh my god the dreams they gave me were crazy, made me feel sick and fed up so i stopped taking them after 5 days, however leg was feeling quite a bit better :-).

Sunday my wife and i decided to go and have a little run so we went back to week 6, two lots of 10 mins, i was very worried that it would flare up my leg again but to my surprise my leg held out ok, still feel it but not uncomfortable. The run bloody killed me though on my cardio, cant believe how much you lose in about a 4 - 6 weeks when i was running comfortably 30 mins 3 times per week, on the other hand i still ran 10 mins twice!!

I had a letter through from NHS on Sat with respect to physio and need to phone up my local hospital to make an appointment, so yesterday i called and managed to get a cancellation booking for this morning (brilliant) as next available would be 3 weeks time.

In a nutshell i have some very localised fibre damage to my tendon, (prob caused not by my running but twisting my ankle on a pot hole in the works carpark about 8 weeks ago). My calf is a little tighter than the other and i have been given several stretches to do 3 times per day to loosen up. I am now allowed to run but must call the physio in 2 weeks to see if the problem has worsened and to make another appointment, Hopefully not!!!

So yes i am now allowed to run, problem is my Mojo has gone, and feel my bodyshape is changeng back to where it was before!! I used to be so excited and couldnt wait to get out there, and i was so proud that i graduated. Just need to kick myself up the Arse and get back out there i thinks, the bug will soon come back i hope!!!!

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Hey Jimbob don't worry the mojo will return. Had almost 4 weeks off myself with injury to the ankle and to get back into the swing did some of the podcasts again. Now almost 6 weeks on.I am running more than I did before, not with speed but distance of 10 or 11km at least one of the runs per week.

You will get back there. How about planning out what your going to do to get back to where you were before?

good luck


I've been in a similar position to you, only it's my knee that's been the problem. Yesterday I set back slowly (slower than you) by doing 2x5min runs, just to test how my leg would be. All seems well, tomorrow I'm going to try W5R2. I'm increasing my time slowly this time, as a few weeks ago I returned after a 2 week break, from same injury and managed a few 30 minute runs before the pain returned. Once I get back up to 30 mins (hopefullly later next week) I'm intending to take 2 days rest between runs for a while. I'm also doing lots of strengthening and stretching exercises.

I'm sure you'll soon be back enjoying your runs.


I took those tablets too and had the same side effects as you! My doctors advice though was don't run so I paid privately for a physio. I had a follow up appointment but was given the all clear to run. You will soon get your mojo back, good luck!


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