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Take 2!

After abandoning c25k earlier this year because of husband becoming ill, I have been dying to get back out there. So this morning I headed up the Kennet and Avon canal path only to find someone had filled my legs with cement overnight! Disappointed much. It was really hard but I am determined to be one of those runners who ran past me this morning making me look as if I was going backwards!

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Welcome back, Carvell!! I do hope that your husband is well.

Oh, that dreaded cement-filled leg syndrome!! I have had it myself at times!! Good news though, it often times goes away!!

Keep us posted and Keep Running!! :-)



Don't you worry, we are all doing snail impressions then after graduation you will be like roadrunner and they will eat your dust :) it takes lots of courage to come back and you have done it. Well done. P.s. I totally get the leg cement :(


Thanks you two for the encouragement. It's why I have kept up to date with the community despite not running, the support on here is brilliant.

Jeddahpm, I love the roadrunner example 'eat my dust' I think that will be my mantra! Haha


Hey Carvell, how ya doing honey? Not seen a post from you for a while. Sending good vibes your way :)


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