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Getting back out there after injury

I'm writing this because I know it will make me get back out to run later today. It's daunting restarting when you've had an injury. I know because I've done it once already. Earlier this year I had to take a break for 3 months - then started again from scratch. I got to the end of week 6 with many repeated weeks but without mishap. Then I hurt myself again and for the first time had to abandon a run part way through.

I felt so defeated and down.

But I got lots of encouragement from all of you - and worked out that it was a minor hamstring injury. I don't think I'd been stretching and warming up enough. So I've had a 2 week break and it feels ok.

I'm not going back to the beginning this time - but will try one of the easier week 5/6 runs. If it feels ok I might just do those interval runs for the next two weeks. Lots of stretching before and after.

For me this is turning not so much into a 9 week journey - but 9 months! But hey, what did I expect after not running for 30 years! So if you've struggled at all with any week - just keep on going. I'm not going to give up and I'll get there however long it takes.

I read somewhere it takes 12 weeks to establish a new habit....

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Thankyou Parkbirdy

I was feeling sorry for myself after not being able to run for about 6 weeks, but you have given me some inspiration. i shall be going back out this evening too.

Good look to you and thankyou. I have just blogged about my injury about 10 mins ago prior to reading your blog.

Take care and good luck



Parkbiddy.. it's been three years since you wrote this post.. tonight its given me the insperation I needed to go back out and try again.. I've only been on the IC for two weeks but scared of failure.. but failure is only if I dont try.. hope you still running:) and it made me smile to see your graduation badge.. WTG you x

Thanks, Caroline


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