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Graduated but now struggling after illness :0(

Hi all, i graduated at the end of oct & did 5k spooky sprint (hooray!!??) at the time I had a cough but kept going out. Then had very heavy cold that has lasted over a wk. been not feeling 100% & generally lethargic for 3 wks now & finding 5k really hard. Was so proud of achievement as never ran before & feel fantastic & don't want to lose that

Need motivation, help!!

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Maybe you need to do some shorter runs, or a little bit of interval training. Get plenty of sleep and rest. Go to bed early when you can.

And don't give up after coming this far - but taking it easy for a couple of weeks may be sensible. Or mix up shorter runs with the odd 5k.

I haven't graduated yet - I'll be going back out later after taking a short break for injury. But I'm fully expecting that if I'm in this for the long haul there will be times when it is hard.


Thanks so much, sounds like a plan. I think I've tried not to do shorter runs as it was hard work to get to 5k & don't want to lose that..however do need to be realistic you are right.

Hope yr run goes well & good luck to getting to graduation, it's an amazing feeling ??


Was meant to be :0D at end not "??"


I've just had 2 weeks off with a chest infection and went back out yesterday for the first time. Had graduated a few weeks before that. But managed a slow but steady 20 minute one .. will do best to improve on that tomorrow .. Good luck


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