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Week 9 run 1 - what is next

I went through the 'Couch to 5k programme' now for 8 weeks. Today I started week 9, something I very much dreaded - but did it and I am looking forward to completing runs 2 and 3. Below is a list of items that really helped me during the last couple of months:

- a decent pair of shoes (the most important investment)

- running hat and gloves

- running shirts and shorts

- a decent bluetooth MP3 player that sits on my wrist like a watch

- a decent bluetooth sports headphones that fit my head (no cables dangling)

- Reflector/light for running in the dark

- 10litre hiking bag (I abandoned it on week 7)

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I have recently bought two pairs of Nike capris which are the style from the year before last, but they are perfect. One is pristine waiting for me to christen it at my first 5k race in a few weeks time, and the other is still in its plastic waiting until the other one wear out.

I also have a pair of running shoes; a pair of track shoes; a hi-vis vest; a head lamp; two compasses for orienteering; winter tights; lighter weight tights; various short sleeved tops; one long sleeved (with my eye on another one); a jacket I rarely wear; two sports armbands, neither of which fit my phone; a Garmin with heart rate monitor (brought with the vouchers my work gave me when I was made redundant because it's very important to know if I'm running 8.55/km or 8.45/km); a couple of sports bras; loads of socks plus all my yoga gear.

The other day daughter pointed out to me that I don't need more running equipment, I need proper clothes, although I am now jonesing for a bluetooth MP3 player, which I've never heard of before reading your post.


You can use your phone as bluetooth mp3. I use a motorola device (Motoactv). It uses a cut-down version of Android to connect to an online activity planner, heart rate monitor, a pedometer, bluetooth headphones, an Android phone and more. It is also shower proof. It is a bit dear though (£150-250).


there are other bluetooth MP3 players in the market e.g. Creative Zen but oyu should look for showerproof or waterproof models. I dislike the senssation of the phone on my arm so i went for a device that can be worn like a watch.


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