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W3R3 - that's better!

OK, so a slightly late post - sorry! Had an extremely busy day yesterday, what with the grandparents visiting, a cake to make (not for me!), homework to do, an exam to revise for, TV to watch etc. etc. and have been out all day today at school/town.

Though I was due to do W3R3 on Saturay, I did it on Sunday instead for two reasons - one, my thigh was acting up again and two, I'm now changing my schedule. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday are now becoming Tuesday, Thursday and either Saturday or Sunday. This is because I am now going to Zumba classes on Wednesdays (excited or scared? no clue) and it allows me more flexibility over the weekend whilst still ensuring days' rest.

But, onto the subject of my actual run yesterday. I decided after my godawful session on Wednesday to try taking the speed down a bit, so I could still do the same time without risking collapsing - and boy, did it work! It maybe a mixture of things, from improving fitness to more sleep, but taking the treadmill speed from 9.6kmph to 9.2kmph really did seem to make all the difference! I was still pushing myself, and was still exhausted at the end, but felt drained without feeling like I was going to throw up. So that's my new plan - focus on realistic endurance for now, work on speed later. If I have to finish the podcasts at a slow-to-medium pace and THEN take the speed up, that's what I'll do.

Still, I have NO IDEA how I'm suppossed to go 5 minutes tomorrow!!

Over and out.

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You will amaze yourself Ruthharvey!!!! You can do 5 minutes, I'm positive! I'm glad you decided to try slowing down and it did the trick. Speed will come as you progress with the program. Sending good running thoughts your way and looking forward to your next blog! :-) Gayle


You are doing wonderfully!! I think that the best part of what you are doing is the thought that you are putting into it!! That alone will make you successful!! From thinking through the best schedule to changing your aren't just doing are doing it intelligently!!

You can and will do the 5 minutes!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Gayle and Steve are absolutely right Ruth - thinking about how you plan to progress is really important for all the reasons they've given :-). Also, you will undoubtedly find times when you just can't get that run in at the right time and allowing for changes now makes things more flexible both in mind and body and REALLY IMPORTANTLY builds in immunity against those guilt days "omg... I haven't run for 3 days omg - I'll never make it through" etc. So being good to yourself now, at the beginning, will really pay dividends at the 'pointy end' of the programme :-).

Sounds like you're doing amazingly well by the way with the TM on 9 - Speedy RuthHarvey :-)!!!! Sara :-)


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