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W3R1 - Wow I survived 3 minutes :)

On very little sleep this morning I set off before work trying to pretend the 3 minute runs would not actually happen!

I ran my 90 seconds oddly comfortably but even at this point could not imagine 3 whole minutes. I used the mantra "well I couldnt imagine 60 seconds 3 weeks ago". The prompt kicked in and I was off...I zoned out completely and faced straight a head picking a distant wheely bin as my target...and tadaa I did it :)

My phone cut the music out at this point so I spent most of my 3 minute brisk walk firing it up again!!

The final 3 minutes were awful, but I never stopped. I did however get this sick feeling in my throat like I was either going to be sick (sorry if tmi) or my airway was going to cut out. Lifting my head and looking forward made it worse with the cold air and tilting down triggered the sick feeling. Took me a few minutes to shake it off afterwards but who cares!

Those last 20 seconds of my run I was screaming (in my head of course) I need to blog!! I cant blog and tell them I couldnt do it!! Amazing what gets us through :)

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Well done you, hard to believe I know but you will soon be running for longer times. Fantastic run hope you don't get the sick feeling again, haven't had that so can't offer any advice. Good Luck with the rest of week 3.:-)


Well done. You just did it. Like you I found the blogs kept me going and once I'ld done a time once I kept telling myself that if I had done it once I could do it again. Keep on running. You can do it. Jan


Brilliantly done, Jenn!! Sickness aside, you did it!! YOU DID IT!! So much of this program is making your mind convince your body that it is capable!! You did just that on this run!!

I, too used this forum as motivation on my runs. I would post throughout the day and encourage everyone and offer advice on how to get through the runs. Then, as I was running I would have to tell myself, "You told them how to do it, no DO IT YOURSELF!!" There were many times that unbenounced to my fellow bloggers, I used them to motivate me!!

Keep Running!! :-) YOU CAN DO THIS!!



Well done you!!!! I used this community for moral support over and over out on runs. I learned to practice what I preach and get through each run as I know my body can. This program is so much more a mental challenge then one would ever guess. Our body is willing, its just convincing our brains we can move on after each run. Your doing great! Gayle


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