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W2R1 tomorrow

Well, I completed W1R3 on Saturday, all went well and I think I recovered in good time, although run 6 and 7 are always an effort, run 8 goes well as I know it's the last one :) The new trainersfelt good, nice and light but much more supportive than my Air Rifts (which will noe be put aside for my rowing machine days)

This week, I am doing C25K on Tues, Thurs and Sat, as it fits in better. Also, my day of rest yesterday was actually filled with lugging boxes of books etc to and from market (fundraising for our little charity) so my body still ached from that when I woke this morning.

So, W2R1 is tomorrow and I await it with baited breath.. 90 seconds doesn't sound that long, but I bet I won't be saying (or rather gasping) that after the first few !

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Great job alliecat! Consider the lugging of books cross-training! ;-) Welcome to week 2 and just try to remember to go as slow as you need to. You are racing against no one other then yourself. Better to go slow then to get frustrated and quit. Looking forward to reading a great blog posting tomorrow! :-) Gayle


Well done, alliecat! You're doing great! I would echo what Gayle has said - take it steady, make sure you take the rest days and if necessary take an extra day in between. It won't do any harm, in fact, it can be really beneficial for your body and also keeps you keen! Good luck! :)


good luck for your first run of week 2 alliecat! you can do it!!

try not to think about the increase in time when it comes to it - just listen to Laura and concentrate on anything but the time!

and swanky new trainers too! nice.

keep on running! :-)


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