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Shall I change?

I started the programme back in April & love running. I always followed Laura's instructions so started off hitting the floor heel first & still continue to do this. I have increased my distance & followed the speed podcasts (which I love!)

I am now having to rest as my knees are so painful. I've had my gait done (a while ago) I have come to the conclusion that heel striking is causing this pain but I cannot get out of thus habit! :( I have been reading about 'barefoot' running which discourages heel strikers. I wonder if this would be the answer?

Has anyone made the transition from trainers to barefoot shoes?

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I've not done so but this article on techniques for new barefoor running is interesting.


How old are your current trainers that you are heel striking in? and do they have any air bags, gel pads ect...


4 months old. They're Brooks Gts. No air bags or gel bags.



That sounds like the Adrenaline which has the DNA shock absorber system. Where they originally £100 or £50 (the price they originally where not what you paid for them)?


Don't know the original price completerunner but I paid £100 for them. So confused atm. Maybe I'm just not meant to run & I should give it all up! :'(


Yes they are the adrenaline ones


In that case you where sold the adult ones.. Just thought that you may have bought the kids ones which would explain sore knees straight away as they have far less cushioning....

I would expect the mileage you have covered since the purchase will be far less than 500 miles so they should still be offering plenty of cushioning, so they may have too much support.

Don't just give up... If you are local to West Yorkshire I would be very happy to do a gait analysis and spend time making sure we could find a solution for you.


Unfortunately, I don't live near you but I thank you very much for your kind offer.

I have received today some sortbothane double strike insoles which I will put in my trainers. It's best to rest isn't it? Could I work out on the cross trainer in the meantime?


I used the cross trainer a lot while recovering from my hip injury - it's non-impact so didn't hurt me. I think the answer is probably to give it a go and if it doesn't hurt your knees then keep at it. It uses slightly different muscles but is still good for maintaining fitness and I found that I can manage to do the Speed podcast on the cross trainer, which makes it more entertaining.

Can you stretch to an appointment with a sports physio (about £30) - I hesitated for a long time but it was well worth it and cheaper than investing in barefoot shoes and finding they don't work for you.

Good luck, I hope you get it sorted soon.


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