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I must be mad!!!

After having to stop W2 last week because of a chest infection I went out today to try again. I also decided that I would run outside so if I did end up having a coughing fit I could hang on to a tree rather than collapse on the treadmill. There was a slight drizzle but heck I am made of strong stuff!!! Anyway the drizzle turned into a downpour but I kept going and thought of the hot shower I would have on my return home (hopefully avoiding pneumonia obviously). Anyway, after the first run segment I knew I could do this. By the end of the third segment I could hear the bleating sheep another blogger on this site mentioned . I only just made it to the end of the fifth run and had to slow to a walk at the final one. But, and it is a big but, I felt so pleased that I had achieved what I did today. However, I think I might use the treadmill for W2R2 on Wednesday.

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You are made of strong stuff PeaBea! I much prefer running outside, the scenery distracts from the pain :-) well done you


I agree about running outside - plus it seems to go faster.


Well done PeaBea on not giving up cos of the rain! Just hope your chest is ok.......

Yes I much prefer running outside too, it does go quicker thats for sure! Good luck for Wednesday.



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